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  • Neurocognitive Online Test

    Neurocognitive Online Test

  • Scientifically Valid and Reliable Tests

    Scientifically Valid and Reliable Tests

  • Used by over 10,000 Doctors and Researchers Worldwide

    Used by over 10,000 Doctors and Researchers Worldwide

Dr. Brenda Draper

Observing Physician for the 30 Day Challenge. For any questions or concerns regarding the 30 Day Challenge, email support@brainpowertest.com.

Cognitive Categories

CNS Vital Signs

  • Psychomoter Speed

    How powerful is your brain at perceiving and responding to information?

  • Reaction Time

    How quickly does your brain react to both simple and complex sets of directions?

  • Cognitive Flexibilty

    How effective is your brain at adapting to changing and manipulated information?

  • Processing Speed

    How efficiently does your brain perform simple movements to produce results?

  • Motor Speed

    Ability to perform simple movements to produce a manual action/goal.

  • Executive function

    How skilled is your brain at spotting rules and categories, and managing rapid decision making?

CNS Test

The Brain Power Test is powered by CNS Vital Signs, an online neurocognitive testing solution. More than 13 million tests have been administered on the CNS Vital Signs platform since 2005. The tests are available in over 50 languages and used world-wide by thousands of physicians and researchers.

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